Anesthesia Mask

Anesthesia mask: This mask lets you breathe in oxygen and the medicines that will make you sleepy.


Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia machine: The anesthesiologist uses this machine to keep you comfortable and safe.


Anesthesia monitor: This monitor lets your doctors see what your heart and lungs are doing.


Reservoir bag on an anesthesia machine: This bag can blow up like a balloon at the push of a button. It is one of many devices anesthesiologists use to help keep you safe.



Anesthesiologists’ tools: (Left to right) endotracheal tube, tongue depressor, laryngoscope, oral airways, and ECG leads. All these items must be ready before giving you anesthesia.


Blood pressure cuff: This cuff hugs your arm or leg and tells the doctor how hard your heart is working.


Tape: Anesthesiologists love tape! They use it for taping drapes and tubes


ECG stickers: These stickers go on your chest, and they let the doctor see the rhythm of your heart.



Pulse oximeter: This sticker has a light that makes your finger glow. It measures the amount of oxygen in your blood and your heart rate.



Medication labels: Doctors use these colorful stickers to label their medications.


Pressure gauge: Devices such as this measure pressure. It is always important to know the pressure when dealing with gases.